Take It Along (TIA)

The TIA is the prefect antenna for any portable activation. Conntect Mini Pod, Wolf River Coil, telescoping antenna and ground radials and you have a complete portable vertical antenna system. It may be used at power levels up to 100 Watts SSB, 50 Watts CW and 20 Watts with digital modes.

The Mini Pod comes with 3 legs, center hub, 3/8 24 coupling, jam nut for ground radials and SO 239 coax connector.

Simply screw the three legs into the hub and your Mini Pod is ready to mount a Silver Bullet 1000 or Silver Bullet Mini coil and whip.

The Mini Pod is machined locally in Wisconsin. It is made of high quality aluminum stock.

Each leg is 12 inches long and the height of the pod is 6 inches tall.

It is easy to use on a picnic table or right on the ground. Take it anywhere with you; camping, backpacking or in the hotel room. Anywhere you need to mount your portable antenna system. For example, the National Parks on the Air winner successfully used the TIA and wrote about it in QST.

In the Field