With more than 60 years combined amateur radio experience, Gary KB9AIT and Terry N9AOT have developed an improved quality all band mobile antenna coil that is easy to use, easy to install, easy to maintain and easily changes operating frequency.

First licensed in 1978, Terry N9AOT, has operated HF mobile since he began his amateur career. His first mobile was equipped with a SBE 34 and a set of Hustler Resonators. In the last 36 years Terry has used HamSticks, Spider Antenna, Opex, the Screw Driver antenna, MFJ’s Poor Mans Screwdriver antenna the Chameleon antenna other homebrew antennas. It was the desire to operate using a simple multi band antenna with his 857D that the Wolf River Coils LLC came to life for Terry.

N9AOT's old mobile antenna farm set up for the 2008 Wisconsin QSO party. Note the UHF/VHF base vertical set up in the truck bed.

We spend a lot of time going from our house in central Wisconsin to Northern Wisconsin and operate our mobile HF in our F-150 using a combination of 6 antennas on the truck. Now we simply have two Silver Bullets with two different size whips and our UHF/VHF antenna for all our mobile operation. In addition we use a Silver Bullet and a 40 inch whip on our Grand Cherokee. The low profile set up on the Jeep allows easy entry to our garage without the need to remove the antenna.

Terry N9AOT is primarily a rag chewer, but is also a County Hunter and will run counties when mobile. Together with his partner Gary KB9AIT he can be heard running counties during the Wisconsin QSO party in March. In 2008 Terry and Gary took First Place in the QSO party for Multi-Op Mobile category.

N9AOT's current antenna farm with two Silver Bullets, and two different size whips, one tuned for 20 meters the other for 40 meters. The antenna on the driver side is the antenna that Terry uses to change bands when necessary.

KB9AIT Gary was licensed in 1988 and upgraded to extra three years later. My interest is DX and made the Honor Roll in 1994. Now working for digital awards and the DX Challenge award. Started running mobile when I found the County Hunter Net in 1989. (Still need 250 for CA)

My first mobile rig was a Kenwood 140 running Hamsticks and ran this until I bought an Icom 706. Like Terry N9AOT used Opex , Hamsticks and Hustler antennas. Always was looking for a mobile antenna that was easy to mount was multi-band and inexpensive.

This is my mobile. Honda CRV with one silver bullet and one mini bullet. I have one on 20 and the other on 40 meters with a manual switch to change antennas. The silver bullet is mounted by the spare tire and is on 40 meters. The mini bullet is mounted on the rear door with a Diamond lip mount. This is on 20 meters. This gives me the two nets when running counties and the option to change to other bands when needed. Rig is a Icom 706 with a LG tuner.