The Silver Bullet Coils can be used for much more than just a replacement coil on your mobile. See how our coils can be used in the field, mobile, base, portable or emergency operation!

The Original Silver Bullet

My buddipole mast in "V" configuration, and used the buddipole whips, in the worst of places, between my house and neighbor just above the gutter level (roofs peak at 22 to 25 foot and 15 foot between houses),  first contact with 100 watts 57 Andover Mass, then 59 Dominica Island, followed by 3 qso's with VA,KY and TX. David N4DOV
Wolf River Coils mounted on a motor home for mobile operation. A Silver Bullet Mini on a mirror mount and a 70 inch whip tuned on 40 meters. On the back bumper a Saber 1000 and 102 inch whip tuned to 20 meters.
Homemade mask by VE7WM. 3 foot of 3/4 copper tube for base, Wolf River Coils LLC Silver Bullet Mini Coil, 1 foot 3/4 copper tubing and DX Engineering capacity hat running 300 watts on 40 meters.
KC9QFH's homemade portable installation at his apartment complex. He moves the antenna in and out of the garage when he wants to operate.
VK4ICE with 2 SB Coils with MFJ's 16 foot whip on a dipole mount in Australia
Two Silver Bullets back to back in a shorten dipole set up. Over all length, 40 feet. Operates 20, 30, 40 60 and 80 meters.
Silver Bullet Mini in a rotate able dipole configuration on a potable field day set up. This set up was for 17 meters.
Silver Bullet HV Wire Antenna on a portable set up.
Silver Bullet 1.0 and 32 inch whip tuned on 40 meters. Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, South America, Canada and many states in the log with this set up.
Silver Bullet SB 1000 on a homemade mobile mount
Two SB Mini in a Dipole set on 20 meters along with a HV Wire on a portable tower set up.
HV Wire Antenna set up on 40 meter in an attic installation.
Here are some pictures of the mini variable tune antenna coil installed on my 2001 Chevy Tracker. The whip is 71 inches long and is used on 10 thru 40 meters.
The original SB 1.0 mounted on a Shepherds Hook for a secondary station, tuned to 40 meters. Notice the HV Wire next to the mount tuned to 80 meters.
Close up view on an SB 1.0 tune for 40 meters. Note the protective soda bottle used to keep birds off the coil.
Hank VA7HV in Victoria BC Canada mobile on his HONDA-CRV. With a 7 ft. whip and using a YAESU FT-817, He gets full range of 10 ~ 40 mtrs.
Two SB Mini on a Buddy Pole System. Makes a great replacement and easier tuning.
SB 1000 on the Buddy Pole running 80 meters.
Custom built military mount SB 1000 set up in a NVIS installation.
Rotate able dipole!
The original SB 1.0 on a portable tripod loaded on 40 meters.
The SB Mini and 60 inch whip on mobile mount set up on 20 meters.
Close up view of a pair of SB Mini set up for 20 meter as a rotate able dipole.
HV Wire Antenna set up by a trailer in a campground.
Close up view of 2 SB 500's each with 20 feet of wire tuned for 80 meters. Overall length 42 feet on 80 meters.
HV Wire Antenna set up for 80 meter as a vertical.